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  1. A day at Vidraru Dam, in Romania

    If you’re in Arges County, Romania, and you have a summer day to spare, then I don’t think there is a better thing to do than driving along the Arges River valley towards the dam on Vidraru Lake. Located in...
  2. Holiday in Kemer, Turkey

    I heard from friends about how relaxing a vacation in Antalya, Turkey can be and after a year of work I needed to take a break and I thought to give it a try. I’m not a fan of all-...
  3. One Day Travel in Tangier, Morocco

    After I crossed the Strait of Gibraltar by ferry and stayed at the Hotel Continental in Tangier, I walked the old town in only one day before I went back to Spain. Tangier has a rich history that began over...
  4. One night wandering through London

    In December, I took an overnight break in London between flights that brought me from Bucharest to Honolulu, Hawaii and enjoyed a night tour of the British capital. When I visit a city I like to walk as much as...
  5. Dar el Makhzen – Sultan’s Palace, Tangier, Morocco

    On my one-day journey in Tangier I could not miss a visit to Dar el Makhzen, the Sultans Palace. Located in the old city’s tallest area in the fortified Kasbah, Dar el Makhzen was built in the 17th century by Sultan Mulay Ismail...
  6. In the Land of Oz, at Harrods, in London

    Few days before Christmas I had the chance to spend a night wondering around London and no other place it was better to start my journey than Harrods, probably the most famous luxury department store in the world. Located on...

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